Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The stork visited me

I must be crazy.

Once more, the humane society couldn’t find anyone willing to take a group of bottle babies. So… I took them, obviously.

They are 10 days old now, and they’re huge. They're all over 6 ounces. They are a little strange looking, in my opinion, like they might have a little wild cat in them somewhere. They spent the first few days of their lives with their mom, who is feral, and who is currently at the humane society. The foster department described her as “fractious, to be charitable,” and were concerned for the kittens’ safety in that situation. So, their largeness might be at least partly caused by having the diet they were meant to have for the early part of their lives.

I try not to name them until they’re three weeks old, though at this point that seems arbitrary, what with Goblin’s 6-week demise; but from the first moment I picked them up I was like, “okay, so that one’s named Creamsicle.”

The older ones are all doing well. Owlbear is big and fat and huge, but the other two are still very small, especially for their age. They will certainly have to stay with me until they’re a bit older than 8 weeks. (Boo hoo, sob, etc.)

Newbs, day 1, 8 days old.
Newbs, day 2.
Kenku, in his Mister Cutiepie 2016 competition submission.

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